Play it Yourself!

So, I’ll put it to you…‘Ever watched a play and wish it would have gone differently? Did you ever wish the characters made stranger decisions, spoke in funnier accents or got blown up instead of got married?
Ever wished you could have changed the story to suit yourself? Well now you can! In DIY Play, you, the audience, will decide whether to help the characters solve a comedy mystery, or make it harder for them. To give them a happy ending or dreadful one. And to decide what they’ll wear while they do it! Come choose your own adventure. The best part is the actors will be as surprised as you are!’

Our very own (and very brave) Anthony Kinahan will be performing in DIY Play this Saturday 15th July @ 8pm in Smock Alley Theatre’s, Boys’ School venue. Tickets available following the link below:

DIY Play

Best of luck Anthony! <3 Castaway